Creating a New Art Storage Facility

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Psst...we’ll let you in on a little secret.  There’s about to be a new addition to our family...about 17,000 square feet of climate control storage that is. We’re very excited to announce the addition of a new East Coast warehouse to SRI’s portfolio of fine art storage facilities. While some…


Why You Should Never Use A Self-Storage Facility For Your Art

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Art storage versus self-storage. Seems like a no-brainer, right? You wouldn’t store a one-of-a-kind art work in the same place you store holiday decorations...or would you? Self-storage may seem like the cheapest option, but it can often cost more in the long run. (Especially if you’re this guy, who had…


On-Demand Gallery Space: A Novel Approach to Showing Art

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As rents rise across New York, LA and other art-world hubs, dedicated brick-and-mortar gallery space is becoming less feasible. With retail rents averaging $334 per square foot a year in downtown New York,* it’s no surprise that many galleries are finding it difficult to survive and thrive. Facing rising rents…