Seamless Tracking

SRI has a state-of-the-art proprietary digital inventory management system that tracks every object, its location and history. Every artwork that enters a SRI warehouse goes through a thorough inventory protocol:

  • Object arrives at SRI
  • Object details are immediately entered into our proprietary inventory management system
  • Bar code for the individual object is created and affixed to the object
  • Every shelf and room in our warehouses has a corresponding location code
  • Object is placed in our warehouse, the bar code is scanned, and the corresponding location code is scanned
  • Object and location details are stored in our digital database
  • Inventory management system tracks the history of every object; who handled the object, when it was moved and where it was moved
  • SRI also offers Inventory Reports, Condition Reports, and Inspection reports that support the health of the collections in their care
Inventory Management
SRI Illustration