Behind the Scenes of a Public Sculpture Installation

By SRI Fine Art ServicesPosted on

Early on a surprisingly cool July morning, SRI Fine Art Services sponsored the installation of Rebecca Manson’s “Come Closer and the View Gets Wider” in New York City.

The piece, an 800-pound sphere, is comprised of thousands of bone-shaped porcelain mini-sculptures covering an imposing aluminum structure. It is both substantial and delicate, powerful and fragile. Much as the title suggests, “Come Closer and the View Gets Wider” invites the viewer to take in both the grand scale of the piece as well as the friability of its thousands of parts. It is a reminder that small, seemingly insignificant things can, together, become something quite large and impactful.

“My work uses ceramics as a metaphor for the individual and societal body,” says Manson. “This sculpture was informed by the process of working with clay, a nature that wants to collapse. For me, ceramics is tied to personal resilience and rebuilding in the face of adversity.”

“Come Closer and the View Gets Wider” is on display in Tribeca Park through July 2019. Watch the video of SRI at work installing this fascinating piece.