Introducing Our Newest Team Member

By SRI Fine Art ServicesPosted on

In our 18 years of existence, we’ve come to know many people in the art world and consider many of those to be friends.  Our newest employee, Courtney Maier Burbela, is no exception to this practice.  Courtney is a long-time consultant for SRI, working first as a content developer for our website and blog, and has since worked to develop strategic partnerships that showcase our brand.  We’re thrilled to make our working relationship permanent by hiring her to handle Client Relations and Strategic Partnerships.

We asked Courtney why she’s come to call the art logistics world home:

“I’ve always been a connector—bringing art to new audiences. I worked in galleries and auctions for years, but it wasn’t until 2004 when I ventured into art logistics that I really found my calling in the business.  I feel a deep connection to the caretaking of art. I love being a part of making sure that important artwork is handled, moved, shown and stored properly for future generations. We are guardians of our collective cultural heritage. That really gets me out of bed in the morning.” 

Courtney brings 30-plus years of experience in fine art marketing and partnerships to SRI and will be supporting our existing clients as well as introducing new avenues of business through strategic alliances.  Welcome Courtney!

Courtney Maier Burbela, Manager of Client Relations and Strategic Partnerships