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A Safe, Secure (ART) Sanctuary

SRI offers secure, climate controlled art storage supported by comprehensive collection management services. Every object that comes through SRI is handled with precision. It is indexed, bar coded and stored according to our proprietary inventory system. All of our warehouses are fully staffed by professionally trained art handlers who have passed thorough background checks.

Our SRI warehouses are among the top rated fine art warehouses in the world.


  • All SRI warehouses are approved by the most exacting physical and operational standards
  • 100,000 sq ft (9,290 sq m) dedicated to fine art storage
  • Climate controlled
  • Temperature controlled
  • Non-climate controlled
  • Sculpture storage
  • 14’ and 20’ ceilings
  • Fully enclosed and secured loading docks suitable for tractor trailers
  • Fork lifts, with in-house licensed operators


  • Warehouses monitored by Central Station
  • 24 hour DVR surveillance
  • Early-warning smoke detection
  • Full fire suppression systems throughout
  • No public access points, including packing and receiving areas
  • No exposure to sunlight, well-lit LED lighting throughout


  • Universal barcoding of all objects
  • Proprietary inventory management system
  • Paperless inventory system with redundant backup that tracks the history of all objects according to who handled the project, where it was moved, and when it was moved.

Private Viewing Rooms

  • Discrete, secure, climate controlled viewing rooms
  • Art Handling assistance is available for installation, unpacking and packing
  • Gallery lighting
  • Secure Internet access