What Inspires You?

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Working with art of all forms is one of the true luxuries of this business.  It's easy to take for granted our easy access to inspiration and proximity to amazing works of art.  We have always viewed ourselves as cultural guardians, protecting and preserving art for future generations to enjoy.…


A Changing Landscape

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The article from the New York Times on June 25, 2017 is an interesting read for those in the art world. We love art galleries of all shapes and sizes, but can't deny that the industry is consolidating. Art Gallery Closures Grow for Small and Midsize Dealers


A Look Inside Fine Art Services

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Welcome to the SRI blog. There are many facets to fine art services: handling, wrapping, packing, crating, shipping, storage, and installation to name a few.  We are excited to use this forum to share some of the finer points and best practices in professional art services, to show our readers…