Why You Should Never Use A Self-Storage Facility For Your Art

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Art storage versus self-storage. Seems like a no-brainer, right? You wouldn’t store a one-of-a-kind art work in the same place you store holiday decorations…or would you? Self-storage may seem like the cheapest option, but it can often cost more in the long run. (Especially if you’re this guy, who had  $12 million of artwork stolen from a self-storage facility in Queens, NY earlier this year.)

Here are the top five advantages to using a warehouse that is dedicated to storing fine art, like SRI Fine Art Services:

#1 Climate Control Fine artwork can deteriorate and lose value if not stored properly. At SRI, we ensure that your art is stored at a museum-grade climate that is constantly maintained.  (And, we love being able to wear short sleeves year-round since our warehouse is always a constant 70 degrees!)

#2 Security Does your self-storage unit offer limited access to clients and a Level II security system, including closed captioned television and central station monitoring?  We didn’t think so. At SRI, we take security very seriously.

Our warehouse has no public access points and is monitored 24/7 by a central station. We also have early-warning smoke detection and full-fire suppression systems, in case there’s ever an emergency. And, every staff member has passed a thorough background check.

#3 Trained Staff

A fine art storage facility treats every item like it’s worth $10 million dollars.  SRI’s team of professional art handlers is trained to handle every piece of art that comes through our facility with white gloves. (And, we regularly participate in professional development to keep our skills sharp.)

#4 Peace of mind

We use a proprietary inventory system to index, barcode and store every piece of artwork in our facilities, so we know where every piece of art is at all times. We’re also a full-service facility and can transport and install your artwork around the world safely and securely, if needed.

#5 More Bang for Your Buck

Don’t be scared by the price of professional art storage.  We base pricing on what’s best for your collection–and have helped art collectors with everything from storing an individual work to building a private room to house a collection. Plus, you’ll probably see savings in your insurance rates by using a fine art service facility for storage.

For more information or to talk to us about storing your fine art, contact us at 212-581-7811 or quotes@srifas.com.


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