Never Stop Learning!

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“Practice is the hardest part of learning, and training is the essence of transformation.” – Anne Voskamp

We’re not going to lie to you:  we look forward to August.  It’s typically a quiet month for us, which allows us to regroup after several months of art fairs, openings, and exhibitions.   It’s also a time we take a moment to focus on one of the cornerstones of our operation:  training.

We’re proud that we can boasts longevity our its art handling team.  While our crew members have years – if not decades – of experience, it is important to continually invest in training to keep up with current trends and techniques in handling and also make sure that bad habits don’t go unaddressed.  We have a rigorous training curriculum at SRI, which includes understanding the importance of maintaining proper paperwork and documentation, inventory management, overall safety, and the basic tenants of art handling.

In recent years, we’ve taken our training program a step further.  The International Preservation Studies Center in Illinois provides world-class training workshops and courses for fine art professionals.  We love the pragmatic nature of these courses, which are taught by experts and are completely hands-on.  For us, nothing beats the kinetic learning experience and being able to get our hands dirty.

We’ll be sending a mix of our art handlers to two of ITPSC’s courses this year: (1) Rigging and Moving of Art & Artifacts course and (2) Installation and Handling of Art and Artifacts course.  We’ll keep you posted on our experiences there!

Never Stop Learning
SRI Staff at IPSC Rigging of Art & Artifacts, 2016