Fine Art Training: Rigging & Moving of Art and Artifacts

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Fine Art Training: Rigging & Moving of Art and Artifacts
We pick things up and put them down. Very carefully.

And we’re off!

Our two art handlers braved the LGA –> ORD flight and a two-hour drive in a rental car to live in a dormitory for a week.  All for the love of art.  International Preservation Studies Center, here we come!

Understanding basic rigging is an important skill set for our handlers. We are so grateful to the International Preservation Studies Center for their informative and hands on training experience. The course focuses on how to safely plan and execute moves of heavy objects weighing up to 5,000 lbs. The Rigging & Moving of Art & Artifacts course is valuable for art handlers and art logistics coordinators alike since it focuses both on the common/practical principles of rigging as well as the specifications for ordering claims. It helps our coordinators think through complexities of larger installations to better inform their estimates and prepare our teams to execute the plan. The hands-on experience for handlers is second to none – last year’s course changed the way we us our gantry, making us much more efficient and effective at moving and placing large, heavy objects.