What Inspires Us: An Art History Class

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Team Member: John McCollum, General Manager Artwork: The Arnolfini Portrait Artist: Jan Van Eyck Location: The National Gallery, London Many moons ago, I was a young teenager fulfilling his college liberal arts requirement with an arts history class. As I muddled through that class – completely unaware of my future…


How is SRI Fine Art Services Different? A Brief Interview with Oliver Stebich

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Oliver Stebich talks about SRI Fine Art Services, its inception, and its place in the art services marketplace. Oliver Stebich founded SRI Fine Art Services in August 2001, amid the initial flurry of the contemporary market and the Internet boom. Sixteen years, three locations, and nearly 100,000 square feet of fine art storage…


What Inspires You?

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Working with art of all forms is one of the true luxuries of this business.  It's easy to take for granted our easy access to inspiration and proximity to amazing works of art.  We have always viewed ourselves as cultural guardians, protecting and preserving art for future generations to enjoy.…