Estate Planning for an Art Collection

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Art is a precious asset that is admired, bought, sold and moved throughout a collector’s life. But, once that life ceases, what happens to the art? Art collections are often an overlooked area in trust and estate planning. But, incorporating it into the process early on can make for a…


Creating a New Art Storage Facility

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Psst...we’ll let you in on a little secret.  There’s about to be a new addition to our family...about 17,000 square feet of climate control storage that is. We’re very excited to announce the addition of a new East Coast warehouse to SRI’s portfolio of fine art storage facilities. While some…


Why You Should Never Use A Self-Storage Facility For Your Art

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Art storage versus self-storage. Seems like a no-brainer, right? You wouldn’t store a one-of-a-kind art work in the same place you store holiday decorations...or would you? Self-storage may seem like the cheapest option, but it can often cost more in the long run. (Especially if you’re this guy, who had…