It Takes A Network To Move Art Around The World

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[caption id="attachment_1112" align="alignleft" width="363"] With Our Partner At MuseumsPartner, Geneva 2016[/caption] T-Minus four days until we travel to New Dehli, India for the 41st ICEFAT meeting! We’re proud to be ICEFAT members and wear their logo on our apparel.  The ICEFAT logo is a sign of excellence, accountability, and credibility.  However, few people outside…


What Inspires Us: A .99 Cent Store

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Team Member:  Jonathan Pierro, Warehouse Manager Artist:  Andreas Gursky Location:  Museum of Modern Art, New York In 2001, I was a young, amateur photographer living in New Jersey working at a photo lab with a side gig taking photographs of houses for realtors.  My wife was the one who wanted…


What Inspires Us: An Art History Class

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Team Member: John McCollum, General Manager Artwork: The Arnolfini Portrait Artist: Jan Van Eyck Location: The National Gallery, London Many moons ago, I was a young teenager fulfilling his college liberal arts requirement with an arts history class. As I muddled through that class – completely unaware of my future…