Top 5 Things To Consider When Having Your Art Transported

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Jeffrey White is the Transportation Logistics Manager at SRI Fine Art Services.  He has over five years of experience as an art handler and coordinates over 3,000 shipments annually.  We asked for his thoughts on what a client should consider when hiring an art transportation company. Art is not only…


Fine Art Training: Rigging & Moving of Art and Artifacts

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[caption id="attachment_1040" align="alignleft" width="351"] We pick things up and put them down. Very carefully.[/caption] And we're off! Our two art handlers braved the LGA --> ORD flight and a two-hour drive in a rental car to live in a dormitory for a week.  All for the love of art.  International…


Never Stop Learning!

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"Practice is the hardest part of learning, and training is the essence of transformation." - Anne Voskamp We're not going to lie to you:  we look forward to August.  It's typically a quiet month for us, which allows us to regroup after several months of art fairs, openings, and exhibitions.…