Fine Art Training: Rigging & Moving of Art and Artifacts

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[caption id="attachment_1040" align="alignleft" width="351"] We pick things up and put them down. Very carefully.[/caption] And we're off! Our two art handlers braved the LGA --> ORD flight and a two-hour drive in a rental car to live in a dormitory for a week.  All for the love of art.  International…


Never Stop Learning!

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"Practice is the hardest part of learning, and training is the essence of transformation." - Anne Voskamp We're not going to lie to you:  we look forward to August.  It's typically a quiet month for us, which allows us to regroup after several months of art fairs, openings, and exhibitions.…


What Inspires Us: An Art History Class

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Team Member: John McCollum, General Manager Artwork: The Arnolfini Portrait Artist: Jan Van Eyck Location: The National Gallery, London Many moons ago, I was a young teenager fulfilling his college liberal arts requirement with an arts history class. As I muddled through that class – completely unaware of my future…