On-Demand Gallery Space: A Novel Approach to Showing Art

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As rents rise across New York, LA and other art-world hubs, dedicated brick-and-mortar gallery space is becoming less feasible. With retail rents averaging $334 per square foot a year in downtown New York,* it’s no surprise that many galleries are finding it difficult to survive and thrive. Facing rising rents…


It Takes A Network To Move Art Around The World

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[caption id="attachment_1112" align="alignleft" width="363"] With Our Partner At MuseumsPartner, Geneva 2016[/caption] T-Minus four days until we travel to New Dehli, India for the 41st ICEFAT meeting! We’re proud to be ICEFAT members and wear their logo on our apparel.  The ICEFAT logo is a sign of excellence, accountability, and credibility.  However, few people outside…


Top 5 Things To Consider When Having Your Art Transported

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Jeffrey White is the Transportation Logistics Manager at SRI Fine Art Services.  He has over five years of experience as an art handler and coordinates over 3,000 shipments annually.  We asked for his thoughts on what a client should consider when hiring an art transportation company. Art is not only…